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"Czech Architecture and Interior Design" has been established in Prague, Czech Republic since 1999. Prior to that, "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" was associated with Aston s.r.o. before evolving into a CBRE office in its own right. The office provides a wide range of property consultancy services such as industrial and office agency, hotels, investment and valuation work as well as development feasibility assignments. A wide range of clients are served such as institutional and private developers/investors and national and international companies.

Currently, "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" Prague has a total staff of 17 professionals and support staff who are equally allocated over our four main departments of investment, valuation, agency and property management.

"Czech Architecture and Interior Design" Prague´s fundamental principle is to maintain the reputation it has built as a high-quality property advisor. Through an amalgamation of experienced expatriate staff with long exposure in the Czech Republic, and diligent Czech national property agents, "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" Prague has achieved many of its goals. This can be gauged by the increasing proportion of referral work that is now annually obtained.

The Czech market, in institutional terms, is young (the investment market is little over two years old) and therefore the more active funds who are exploiting the opportunities depend enormously on accurate property advice. "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" now has a proven track record in this aspect as testified by the ever growing list of "blue chip" clients.

The global office network of "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" provides unparalleled property market intelligence. The dividend from this is the increasing amount of referral work following the developing international network of its clients.