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As the first truly global commercial real estate company, "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" leads the industry by a number of measures such as revenues, transaction volume, employees and company-owned principal offices.

"Czech Architecture and Interior Design" offers the most comprehensive portfolio of services, including property sales and leasing, property management, corporate services, investment banking, investment management, capital markets, appraisal/valuation, research and consulting.

In July 2003, "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" and Insignia were brought together to form the world's premier, full-service commercial real estate company. Operating globally as "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" ("CBRE"), the firm is a leading global real estate service firm, with a pre-eminent leadership position in virtually all of the world's key business centres.

Whether it's a local, regional, national or global assignment, CBRE applies insight, experience, intelligence and resources to help clients make informed real estate decisions. CBRE's strengths, which are applied to every transaction and client relationship, include:

  • An intimate knowledge of virtually every major market in the world
  • Intellectual capital and technology resources that develop and deliver superior analytical, research and client service tools to its professionals
  • A proven track record of meeting diverse client needs
  • Leadership positions in nearly all service lines
  • An organizational structure that harnesses the firm's collective expertise
  • Operating from more than 300 offices in 50 countries, the company is home to over 17 000 employees, who provide expert answers and solutions to every commercial real estate question or issue.

In 2004, the company posted service revenues totalling US $2.4 billion and completed over 41,600 sale and lease assignments, with a consideration value of over US $127.1 billion. The firm's institutional property and corporate facilities management portfolio includes 989 million square feet (including partner and affiliate companies). There were 39,500 valuation and advisory assignments. In addition, through L.J. Melody & Company, the firm completed US $13.3 billion in commercial mortgage originations, and through "Czech Architecture and Interior Design" Investors, had $15.1 billion in investment assets under management.

Rather than merely being bigger than its competitors, CBRE strives to provide superior services to its clients so they receive quality and consistency of service delivery across the globe.

While setting a new performance benchmark for the industry, CBRE offers a complete spectrum of business services to its clients.

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